Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ninja Polish - Nothing Stays in Vegas Giveaway

Update - 8/21/15
If you entered after 9:20PM Eastern Time on 8/19/2015 PLEASE re-enter!! I was using a trial of Rafflecopter and had no idea it capped at 50 entries! I have upgraded it now so it works and retains all entries.
Someone messaged me today that noticed it, and only after manually doing those entries to test and they didn't stay, I realized the issue! 

So look below and if it lets you re-enter, then that means your entry was not retained! So please re-enter!

This is your chance to win the ENTIRE Ninja Polish "Nothing Stays in Vegas" collection, including the Vegas exclusive "Streaking Ninja".
Closes 08/29/15. Open internationally. Must be 13+ years to enter. Void where prohibited.

Good luck!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Doctor Who Van Gogh Nail art

Today I was so spoiled! I went into my favorite geek store, Tates Comics, to shop and visit Gina from I_Heart_Nailart. She does amazing nail art every weekend there. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Magic City Comic Con a few weeks ago and have been meaning to stop in to see her in the artists area upstairs. Today I did and she offered to do my nails! Do you know how long it has been since someone has done my nails?! On top of that, I worked all day yesterday in messy polish stuff so I has a multitude of various colors in my cuticles!  Ack! She cleaned then all up for me! So sweet!

She is utterly amazing. I asked her if she could do something like my shirt (last pic below), which is the exploding TARDIS from Doctor Who. See the amazing result? I should have taken a video!

If you are in the southern Florida area, you HAVE to check her out. She is at Tates most weekends, contact her and she can even set you up an appointment!

Visit her on Facebook:

And Instagram:

Love love love love!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

TBT: Gosh Holographic Original

Throw back Thursday! Gosh Holographic Original.

Love this polish, application is a bit finicky but the outcome is so gorgeous.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anny Blue Hypnosis

Hello Ninjas!

Another quick post for you tonight! Since I have been oiling my nails faithfully, they have been SO much stronger, which makes me want to paint them ALL the time!

Tonight I give you Anny Blue Hypnosis! Truly love this polish and the depth of the blue! Not to mention the micro glitters, eeep! So lovely!

I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pupa Holographic #37

Hello all! Just wanted to share a quick post about the polish I just put on. Pupa Holographic #37, a lonely pink holographic. I was able to get this one as well as the rest the collection from a good friend and am so thankful I did. I think these were limited and no longer available, sorry!