Here is a page of all of my frankens that I used to sell. With working a full time job and running I don't have time to make these at this point. Crazy as a Capper will be available on Ninja Polish though Cover Band soon.

Crazy as a Capper 
(Mad as a Hatter Dupe)

Sorry for the messy pic, I was so excited to have duped this that I didn't cleanup. It is not a 100% match, but I would consider it a 99% :) Can't tell much in person or in pics. Maybe under a magnifying glass, but I dunno. 

I have given this recipe to Cover Band, they will be producing this and it will be available on 

Brink of Ecstasy
(Deborah Lippmann's Edge of Glory Dupe)
Clear based flakie with blue, copper and green flakies that pop and glow when placed over black polish base. This picture has it layered over Sinful Colors Black on Black.


Scales Collection
Color Changing Flakie Top Coats

Dragon Scales is a Red to Gold to green top coat
Mermaid Scales is a Green to Blue
Nessie Scales is a Gold to Green

All contain iridescent flakies.