Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Lazies everywhere! - NPR

Lil' Jack
Not polish related but completely adorable. I simply had to do another blog post about my Little Lazies. I am completely and utterly addicted to these! Kim over at The Ides of Polish got me hooked on these last year and I just haven't stopped buying them (or getting them as gifts!)! You can see my original post here after I'd gotten my first ones. I wanted to show you how my Little Lazy family has multiplied!

Make sure and click to view the rest of the post and loads more pictures know how wordy I get ;)

I'm going to try to keep my pictures on the smaller side since I have so many, but you can click on them for full, detailed views!! I have a laundry list of 'wants' for custom Lazies and I can never resist her limited edition I anticipate my Lazies family to continue to grow!!

These two were my very first Lazies...I squealed when I unwrapped my Horny Ninja, tee hee

My little Minion lazy was custom made for me last year...mine was the first, tee hee!
The lovely little polish ninja was a Christmas gift!!!!
Side note ... sometimes during shipment a small piece may break off, or if they are dropped or a husband might shove them out of his way and pieces break off...not to worry!! They are easily fixed with a TINY drop of superglue. I always keep it on hand with a needle for precision placement of the superglue!

Lil' Lazy Dinda was another wonderful surprise gift for my Birthday!!
Dummie Farris is my one and only cupcake lazie!

My precious Snowman lazy was specially made for me. She posted him and some other holiday lazies that sold out SO fast even my Ninja skillz failed me. It literally crushed me that I missed him and she was so kind to make him for me! I cherish him completely!
My little turtle was my prize for a giveaway that Leah held! He was created based on her St Patrick's Day lazes that she had created! I love turtles!! Now I need a frog...

These guys were from her Easter special editions! Before you get upset that I have two, I bought the owl from someone that was selling him later. :) 

Sylvester came from an impromptu special Food edition of lazies.
My lil' lazy Pet Monster was an epic win, she created a limited number and I was stoked to have gotten one!

Steampunk Little Lazies!! I did get two of these, by accident! They sell out so fast I threw 3 in my cart, didn't get any, went back and threw three more in (one happened to be a Random and I didn't notice!) and I wound up successfully checking out with one special edition and one random. Since she was making the randoms, she said it was ok that I got two since they were not both special editions, whew! :)

Another set of special editions, ordered separately. Again I felt completely stoked to land both of these. Unfortunately my original Chewie was destroyed by the post office, Leah was awesome to replace it, however since she wasn't sure which number was mine, I now have #36/35 ha ha ha....

So...when I ordered my Random Zombie lazy, I told her in the comments that I love the ones with ribcages and hearts...I then added that it would be cool if she made him with 2 hearts since I'm a mega Doctor Who fan...and OMG I about DIED when I opened him up!!!!!! He is one of the most epic, prized piece of property I own....I <3 him so hard!
Puffy Luffy is a random classic lazy, I had asked her for a Melon Head lazie, he is SO adorable!

Lil' Jack is one of my other prized possessions...I needed a Pirate lazy, so I talked to Leah about making him with characteristics of Captain Jack Sparrow...and OMG....OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG He is SO epic!!!!!  I love him SO hard!
The last lazy in my collection is King Doo-Moop, he just arrived yesterday which finally got me to finish this post I have been working on for months. He is the newest kind of lazy she offers, cyclops! I had no specifics to request, so I just told Leah that I loved the ones with spots...and OMG Epic spots!!!!!!! I love him!!!!!!! 

I'm feeling kinda empty right now as I have no lazies in production for me! These guys seriously make me smile and when I'm having a rough time, I order makes me smile when I order them and then again when they arrive. Some ppl smoke or drink to relieve stress....I buy Little Lazies, lol

This little guy is not part of my own collection, my daughter had Leah make him especially for her good friend for her birthday. She fell in love with my lazy collection and she loves pandas....this is SO perfect!!!! Now I want one!
Little Lazies creator is a wonderful woman with an amazing talent and love for her creations. You can buy them on her Etsy site, get updates on her Facebook or Twitter and see pictures of her creations on Pinterest and InstaGram. She has several different Random lazy categories on her Etsy site, you won't know exactly what your lazy will look like until it arrives which is part of the fun! You can make small requests (such as color or minor details) in the Etsy notes but I don't think that is always guaranteed but she always does her best for her customers! She also has seasonal/holiday and Special Edition Lazies that she does. They sell out FAST, like crazy watch her Facebook page for updates, times and info on these special restocks! In these special edition restocks she posts pictures of specific lazies that are available so you know exactly what you are getting...she has been expanding her Random lazies selections lately which is great fun! The latest additions are Steampunk lazies and Cyclops lazies! I own at least one from every category and my Cyclops (the newest category) just arrived!

One of my favorite things about getting the Random lazies is that she often posts little teaser pics now and then on her Facebook page....occasionally when I open my package I find a Lazy inside that I saw on her Facebook wall! Sometimes she just shows partial teaser pics....oh the torture but it is so fun!

She makes each one of these by hand, so due to this the turn around takes a few weeks or more depending on if a promotion is running....let me tell you, they are WELL worth the wait! I always have some coming and sometimes...just sometimes....I forget they are coming and SURPRISE! The mail box opens and POOF there is one of her hand drawn or stamped boxes (which I also collect!).

Anyhoo...I hope you have enjoyed my non-polish related post on one of my other favorite things. I highly recommend one of these and will warn you it is quite the adrenaline rush trying to score one of her limited edition ones! Good luck!

Links to Little Lazies:
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