Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Comparison: Clarins 230 vs Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Hello, I'm doing another comparison tonight! One of my favorite things to do!! This one excites me a lot because I have a LOT of friends who are really lemming Clarins 230 and with the price continuing to go up and up, it is out of reach for many. I was fortunate to obtain Clarins 230 (Unicorn Pee) through a swap with my dear friend Ruth. So I have it on hand and can now compare it to the newly release Max Factor Fantasy Fire to see if it is a dupe.

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is only in the United Kingdom, I am not sure if it will expand later. Currently many people are finding it at a store called Boots. My dear friend Deb snagged me a few bottles of this.

Now for the comparison...make sure you click below to view more if you are viewing from my main blog page! And check back soon for an awesome announcement!!! :)

So first off if you look at the bottles they do not look like exact dupes. Clarins 230 has more of a burgundy wine base color while Fantasy Fire appears more purple, bright purple! They both have amazing color shifts in the bottle and I would actually have to say the color shift in Fantasy Fire is more spectacular. In the bottle, anyway. One other difference to note, Clarins is a 12ml bottle, while Fantasy Fire is an 8ml. I suggest everyone obtains a backup while these are still new and available. There is no telling how long they will be around. No one seems to know if this is limited edition of will be out for awhile.

As far as application I preferred ClarinsClarins brush is longer and silkier. Clarins seems to just flow off of the brush onto my nail like it was always meant to be there and was reconnecting with a lost lover. Fantasy Fire's brush is short and stouter. It is not as silky. The polish itself goes on more like the shy kid being forced to ballroom dance with the head cheerleader. It was not horrible, just not nearly as luxurious as Clarins.
As far as look, I swatched over Black and over Illamasqua Baptiste, which happens to be one of the favorite underwears to put under Clarins. Over black you might not even notice there were two different polishes. Unless you knew. I knew. And because I knew I noticed that Clarins has a deeper sparkle that was more colorful. Over Baptiste, however, the difference was evident. The purple color that Fantasy Fire has in the bottle stayed more on the nail, while Clarins continued to produce that firey copper, burgundy and reds. Both became equally green when angled properly.

My ending conclusion..... Clarins is a fine, expensive bottle of wine...while Fantasy Fire is your less expensive but very tasty alternative. For anyone that has wanted Clarins and couldn't get it for whatever reason, Fantasy Fire is an excellent substitution.

Eye candy comparisons pics for you.....
Clarins 230 compared to Max Factor Fantasy Fire
I would consider Max Factor Fantasy Fire an acceptable dupe of Clarins 230


  1. Damn you Rhonni, you make me want these O_O I've not even ever thought about wanting Unicorn Pee and now you dare to make these fabulous pictures and ugh... now I want both of these O_O

  2. So glad I was able to get a bottle of Fantasy Fire!

  3. Great comparison, thanks. I'm never gonna get my hands on 230 so Fantasy Fire is more than good enough for me!

  4. oOo this makes me want Fastasy Fire so much~ hehe...thanks for the great comparison! :)

  5. This was awesome! I want fantasy fire!

  6. I can't wait to get a bottle it's gorgeous!!

  7. I already have 2 bottles of clarins 230 so im not gonna get the maxfactor, but it looks just like clarins 230 from these pics so its an excellent alternative if you dont wanna shell out for the clarins. I would of definitely have done so and saved my money if maxfactor was on the market when i bought my clarins'es