Sunday, January 15, 2012

Icing Magnetix Collection (Icing Magnetic Nail Polish Swatches and Reviews)

Icing Magnetix Collection
Icing Magnetic Nail Polish swatches and review
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I am very excited to bring you this post!! I stopped by Icing today and picked up 2 of the new Icing Magentic Nail Polishes trying to be good and then realized I had to have the other two. So I swung by and grabbed the other two! Of course!

I don't have Nails Inc or Essence Magnetic polishes but I do have the entire LCN collection. While I like my LCN collection, I found them temperamental and could not always get them to work consistantly. During my swatching of the Icing Magnetic polishes, which they call Magnetix, I really felt they were very easy to use and I didn't have any issues with them. <3

One nice plus is that the magnetic caps are removable so you don't have to fight with the brush while obtaining your patterns. Also, they have the handy finger guides to help you rest your fingers which also helps you prevent the magnet from touching your nail....but you still have to be oh so careful! Another nice perk is that they give you two different guides so you can alternate your patterns easily.

These come in four colors, each of which are sparkly/shimmery and contain the finest glitter. They really have a magnificent finish! My favorite is the blue, which shows both purple and blue some places it is blurple (one of my favorite words!). There is Silver, Blue, Pink & Gold.

Of the four colors, there are 2 different magnets, a diagonal lines magnet and a wavy lines magnet. On my set, the diagonal straight lines came on the Gold and Silver. The wavy lines came on the blue and pink. You can tell the difference on the labels, show below. The darker nail image has straight diagonal lines and the lighter image has the wavy lines.

These are available at Icing stores across the country for $9USD each. To top it off, you can get these for BOGO1/2 so the entire set of four costs you about $30USD. Not bad ;) Enjoy the pictures!!!

Icing Silver Magnetix, Icing Blue with purple Magnetix, Icing Pink Magnetix and Icing Gold Magnetix

I love the removable caps and dual nail guides on the Icing Magnetix polish collection!

My Gold & Silver Magnetix came with straight diagonal lines and my Blue & Pink Magnetix came with wavy lines. Since the caps are removable, the best way to check is the instruction labels. The darker nails (left) are the diagonal straight lines, the lighter nails (right) are the wavy lines.

Icing Silver Magnetix with Diagonal Stripes

Icing Silver Magnetic Nail Polish

Icing Blue Magnetix
Icing Blue Magnetix with Wavy can see the hint of purple here

Icing Blue Magnetic Nail Polish

Icing Pink Magnetix with Wavy Lines

Icing Pink Magnetix

Icing Pink Magnetic Nail Polish

Icing Gold Magnetix with Diagonal stripes

Gold Icing Magnetix with Diagonal stripes

Icing Gold Magentic Nail Polish

I put a coat of Nails Inc Black Taxi under my Ring and Pinky Fingers on all swatches.


  1. Excellent swatches and review! I wish my closest Icing had had these when I stopped by recently because I'm still lemming magnetic polish so much; can't wait to get my hands on more

  2. I love how glittery these are up close! I've not seen that in magnetic polishes yet.

  3. I really like the pink and blue ones, very nice. Great swatches!

  4. They look all great but the blue one is my favorite!! Gorgeous pictures Rhonni! ♥

  5. it it the absolute worst product i have ever used in my life