Friday, January 13, 2012

Tutorial - Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog Mani

So, all who know me well know I have a deep love for frogs. Any tropical cutie steals my heart :) The blue poison dart frog is on of my favorites. So tonight my gal the 'Chalk Lady' (tee hee) posted that Sally Hansen Salon Effects has one with a blue dart frog design. This led into our conversation that she had done a mani sometime last September... but before I got around to looking it up, I saw miss Laurie's blue dart frog mani on HER blog (while linking her to my feather post!) So I am giving both of you fine ladies kudos on your manis! Here is mine!!! Enjoy!

Supplies I used were CND Stickey as my base (Not Shown), Nubar Faded Jeans (From their Jeans collection) as the base color. Sally Hansen Brisk Blue for the inner gradient, Essie Aruba Blue for the dark edge gradient and Sephora Black for the spots. Trusty Seche Vite for my finish. Tools are a trimmed makeup wedge, a large dotting tool and a fine doting tool and a clean up brush...which was greatly needed!

Apply the base coat for full coverage. If you nick a spot, don't sweat it. You will sponge or spot over any boo-boos :) I chose Nubar Faded Jeans, you can use any lighter blue :)

Next choose a slightly darker blue and sponge it deeply around the edges of your nails. It needs to be wide enough so that you can sponge a second, darker blue on the very edges. I chose Sally Hansen Brisk Blue.

The final, outter edge should be a dark, preferably a metallic blue to represent the bright shiny blue of the frog. Sponge this around the very outside edge of your nails. I chose Essie Aruba Blue.

Finally using your large dotting tool and any opaque black, dot on the large spots. They can be any sizes and shapes. Then you will use your fine dotting tool to needle on some smaller dots between the larger ones. Top off with a coat of Sech Vite once they have dried...careful not to top coat to early or you might smear the spots!
The Blue Poison Dart Frog and my nails :) Viola! Thanks Sarah and Laurie for the I can go to bed satisfied!