Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ninja Polish - Nothing Stays in Vegas Giveaway

Update - 8/21/15
If you entered after 9:20PM Eastern Time on 8/19/2015 PLEASE re-enter!! I was using a trial of Rafflecopter and had no idea it capped at 50 entries! I have upgraded it now so it works and retains all entries.
Someone messaged me today that noticed it, and only after manually doing those entries to test and they didn't stay, I realized the issue! 

So look below and if it lets you re-enter, then that means your entry was not retained! So please re-enter!

This is your chance to win the ENTIRE Ninja Polish "Nothing Stays in Vegas" collection, including the Vegas exclusive "Streaking Ninja".
Closes 08/29/15. Open internationally. Must be 13+ years to enter. Void where prohibited.

Good luck!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Doctor Who Van Gogh Nail art

Today I was so spoiled! I went into my favorite geek store, Tates Comics, to shop and visit Gina from I_Heart_Nailart. She does amazing nail art every weekend there. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Magic City Comic Con a few weeks ago and have been meaning to stop in to see her in the artists area upstairs. Today I did and she offered to do my nails! Do you know how long it has been since someone has done my nails?! On top of that, I worked all day yesterday in messy polish stuff so I has a multitude of various colors in my cuticles!  Ack! She cleaned then all up for me! So sweet!

She is utterly amazing. I asked her if she could do something like my shirt (last pic below), which is the exploding TARDIS from Doctor Who. See the amazing result? I should have taken a video!

If you are in the southern Florida area, you HAVE to check her out. She is at Tates most weekends, contact her and she can even set you up an appointment!

Visit her on Facebook:

And Instagram:

Love love love love!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

TBT: Gosh Holographic Original

Throw back Thursday! Gosh Holographic Original.

Love this polish, application is a bit finicky but the outcome is so gorgeous.



Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anny Blue Hypnosis

Hello Ninjas!

Another quick post for you tonight! Since I have been oiling my nails faithfully, they have been SO much stronger, which makes me want to paint them ALL the time!

Tonight I give you Anny Blue Hypnosis! Truly love this polish and the depth of the blue! Not to mention the micro glitters, eeep! So lovely!

I hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pupa Holographic #37

Hello all! Just wanted to share a quick post about the polish I just put on. Pupa Holographic #37, a lonely pink holographic. I was able to get this one as well as the rest the collection from a good friend and am so thankful I did. I think these were limited and no longer available, sorry!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Snowflakes - Blue & White

Hello my Ninjas! Tonight my mani turned out exactly how I'd envisioned...doesn't happen often! So, I'll jump to the details of my Christmas Snowflake Blue & White stamped mani :-) I'll make a note in parenthesis fit where I got all of my supplies.

Base coat -Duri Rejuvacote (
Top coat - Seche Vite (

Polishes both for polishing and stamping:
Oh So Wet White (
Layla Ceramic 38 (
Both are excellent for stamping, btw....

Plates used:
OB-M Christmas plate (
Sugar Bubbles Special 02 (group buy)
Shany 207 (Amazon)

I think I forgot a plate but everything is put away so I'll update later! 

Old debit card for scraper, the white end of my squishy stamper (well loved and used forever from and my favorite clean up brush (local supply store).

I used various snowflakes from OB-M plate at different angles and partial on my nails to make them look like this. Left thumb, right first finger & both accent nails were full nail patterns.

I hope you LOVE it like I do!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mystery Bag sale!

Mystery bag time!!!

I have been needing to do a serious polish purge for some time now!! My life is finally settling down and I am getting back into somewhat of a normal schedule, not to mention a more normal emotional state of being! Yippee!! Now that I have some fun legal bills to take care of thanks to my greedy, entitled ex who decided to drag the divorce out for a pointless year and a half digging for gold where he KNEW there was none, well guess who got the gold? The lawyers!! Anyhoo....I had better start getting rid of excess stuff to get bills paid off! Not to mention Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and our girls really deserve a good one after the year they have had.

Mystery bags will be pulled from my personal stash which is vast and has a WIDE variety of polishes. So with that said, please visit my new mini shop to purchase your mystery bag(s). I can't guarantee contents but please feel free to tell me your likes and dislikes in the order notes. I will do my best but no guarantees!!

*Please note that this is NOT Ninja Polish old inventory. That liquidation will take place on when that time comes. There is a lot of overlap in brands with Ninja, but I have more brands than that up for offer in these bags. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coming back to life....

Hello Polish Ninja fans!!

Long time no post!! Well my life took a pretty upside down turn a year and a half ago. I tried to keep everything going during that time but after awhile it was too much. They say there are 4 events in your life that can be the most emotionally devastating to endure. I went through 3 of these events simultaneously and they lasted for months and months and months with no end in sight for quite awhile.

For the curious folks out there, I had the company I worked for announce a merger, which for while meant I had no idea if I would continue to be employed or not. When details were sorted out, it meant not only a job change for me but also a move to another state, all while battling through an ugly divorce that started before the merger announcement! Thankfully I am now moved, somewhat settled into my new home in a new state (hello Florida sunshine!)....getting settled into my new job role in my day job and the divorce is finally, FINALLY final! The last piece was the hardest to endure and there were honestly days I wondered if I would live to see the end of it! Thankfully I am on my way back to looking forward to a normal life!!!

Those that know me well know that I am the eternal optimist and carry around a very positive, bubbly attitude. During this dark time in my life I tried in many ways to keep this but was not always successful. I really don't want to go into all of the dark, grisly details of what I went through. Just please know that I am getting stronger every day and little by little I am finding my true self again. I am finally free of the abusive chains that had held me down for far too many years and the real me, the REAL Rhonni is finally free to be herself! I love being me :)

I wanted to give a huge thank you to all of my blog followers as well as my customers/fans of Ninja Polish as well. Those of you that have shown me such amazing support even through my darkest times are just incredible. You have no idea how much even the smallest words of support and encouragement meant to me during that time and still now. Sometimes the shortest, simplest word of support would have me in tears of thankfulness that day. I needed those desperately during my healing.

I also wanted to give a huge apology to everyone that was put on the back burner during this part in my life. During the dark time I could not handle even the slightest conflict or even the *thought* of potential conflict. It is a strange thing to try to describe to anyone who hasn't been there. I lost close "friends" through this who did not understand the state of emotion I was living in, a dark hole that I am thankful they never had to experience in order to understand. I remember being told that it just seemed like I was burying my head in the sand and refusing to deal with things....there was truth to that however the refusal to deal directly with some things was for my own emotional well being...I tried to find solutions and help to keep things going, but the help I needed was not there in many ways and I finally had to close...I know I should have closed earlier than I did, which many folks told me. I just loved my business so much that the thought of it going away was devastating and it still crushes my heart to think it is closed.

Through this time I also discovered friends that were far more amazing and supportive than I ever thought. True friends came to light while the fair-weather-friends have been weeded out.

Polish is one of my passions and I love it. I miss Ninja Polish desperately and I miss making polish. I know the polish world is wondering if Ninja Polish is coming back and I don't have that answer for you yet. I want to, yes, but there are necessary changes and tying of loose ends that are required before I can start on that commitment again. I am trying to work on those changes, loose ends, remaining responsibilities that were left for me to deal with not to mention rebuilding a new website basically from scratch. I am hopeful things will work out but the necessary T's and I's must be crossed and dotted before I can move forward.

For now I am going to try to blog occasionally to ease my way back into my passion. I have loads of extra polish in my stash I will be destashing via mystery bags, so keep you eyes peeled for that. What is left from the Ninja Inventory is in on hold until those T's and I's are crossed. Lots of Ninja debt to take care of with that inventory before I can rebuild, but I gotta get those T's and I's crossed before I can even start doing that. We will see how things unfold in the future.

Thank you again for all of your amazing support. I love you all!!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Little Lazies everywhere! - NPR

Lil' Jack
Not polish related but completely adorable. I simply had to do another blog post about my Little Lazies. I am completely and utterly addicted to these! Kim over at The Ides of Polish got me hooked on these last year and I just haven't stopped buying them (or getting them as gifts!)! You can see my original post here after I'd gotten my first ones. I wanted to show you how my Little Lazy family has multiplied!

Make sure and click to view the rest of the post and loads more pictures know how wordy I get ;)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

China Glaze Texture collection

China Glaze Texture collection

China Glaze Textured Collection
This post will be short and sweet since I know you are here to see pictures. I'll give an overall statement about the formula. These went on pretty easily, I had no issues. After I got the hang of the application I could get perfect coverage in just one coat, which is what I recommend for the best texture look. Since I just got these and just swatched them, I don't know how the wear is on them. I would imaging it is similar to the other textures. I'll be doing a comparison post on MANY brands of textured polishes as soon as my Milani collection arrives.

Read more by clicking below!