Monday, November 24, 2014

Mystery Bag sale!

Mystery bag time!!!

I have been needing to do a serious polish purge for some time now!! My life is finally settling down and I am getting back into somewhat of a normal schedule, not to mention a more normal emotional state of being! Yippee!! Now that I have some fun legal bills to take care of thanks to my greedy, entitled ex who decided to drag the divorce out for a pointless year and a half digging for gold where he KNEW there was none, well guess who got the gold? The lawyers!! Anyhoo....I had better start getting rid of excess stuff to get bills paid off! Not to mention Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and our girls really deserve a good one after the year they have had.

Mystery bags will be pulled from my personal stash which is vast and has a WIDE variety of polishes. So with that said, please visit my new mini shop to purchase your mystery bag(s). I can't guarantee contents but please feel free to tell me your likes and dislikes in the order notes. I will do my best but no guarantees!!

*Please note that this is NOT Ninja Polish old inventory. That liquidation will take place on when that time comes. There is a lot of overlap in brands with Ninja, but I have more brands than that up for offer in these bags. 


  1. I am excited for my mystery box and I am literally dying to know about the contents it contains.I hope the mystery will be revealed soon.

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