Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Snowflakes - Blue & White

Hello my Ninjas! Tonight my mani turned out exactly how I'd envisioned...doesn't happen often! So, I'll jump to the details of my Christmas Snowflake Blue & White stamped mani :-) I'll make a note in parenthesis fit where I got all of my supplies.

Base coat -Duri Rejuvacote (
Top coat - Seche Vite (

Polishes both for polishing and stamping:
Oh So Wet White (
Layla Ceramic 38 (
Both are excellent for stamping, btw....

Plates used:
OB-M Christmas plate (
Sugar Bubbles Special 02 (group buy)
Shany 207 (Amazon)

I think I forgot a plate but everything is put away so I'll update later! 

Old debit card for scraper, the white end of my squishy stamper (well loved and used forever from and my favorite clean up brush (local supply store).

I used various snowflakes from OB-M plate at different angles and partial on my nails to make them look like this. Left thumb, right first finger & both accent nails were full nail patterns.

I hope you LOVE it like I do!


  1. I love it, Rhonni! It looks so festive and I absolutely adore snowflakes - well, the *idea* of them anyway! LOL! I'm from the frozen midwest and it's just so COLD up here all the time and in the winter there's SO MUCH SNOW! But the individual flakes are very pretty! And even prettier when stamped on the nail, so there! ;) XOXO <3 ~Ruthie

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