Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Teaser pic!! What could it be? - Chanel Peridot vs Jessica Iridescent

So I have been a busy little bee and haven't had time to do full blog posts as often as I would like but I hope to do some more soon!! I just wanted to tease you with a pic for an upcoming comparison post!!

Yes.....these ARE two different polishes....and yes. one of them IS Chanel Peridot...and yes, they are THIS exact to each other in person!!! Can you guess what the other one is? :)

This is Jessica Iridescent and I'm telling you, it is an EXACT dupe of Chanel Peridot. I wore them both on various fingers to work and around the house. There is no difference. It is like they were all out of the same batch and bottled in separate bottles.

Jessica Iridescent is available on my new polish site for a mere $6! Compare that to Chanel's $25 price tag. It is part of the Peacock Queen collection which also contains a Chanel Graphite dupe (Smoky Feather) and a Chanel Quartz dupe (Bronze Tailed). I have Graphite so I also did a compare and it is exact as well. So I can only assume Bronze Tailed is an exact dupe to Quartz, which I don't own.

These are all limited edition so get them while you can. We are currently sold out of Iridescent and Smokey Feather however at this point we can and are getting more inventory. Sign up for Email Notifications to be notified when more stock arrives :)


  1. I know I know - Rhonni is amazing, Rhonni is amazing!

  2. Oooooh I hope this is the Jessica polish!!!

  3. Hrm, on the right, it totally looks like Ozotic 507...or Models Own Golden Green. But the pics on the left...don't? Whatever it is, I WANT IT.

  4. Keep in mind, 1st and ring fingers are the SAME polish while Middle and pinky are the same!!!!!!!! I just have them angled to show the color shift!

  5. LOVE the gold one!

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