Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Conversation Hearts

Happy Valentine's day everyone!!! I saw a mani from Leslie and loved it....I tried to recreate it alas I did not have any luck getting the hearts to switched it up a bit!! Everything I used is listed below :)

Valentine's Conversation Hearts mani

Index- Barry M Gelly Grapefruit
Middle- Barry M Gelly Prickly Pear
Ring- Barry M Neon Yellow
Pinky- Barry M Turquoise
Matte finish was accomplished with Glitter Gal Matte Top Coat.
All polishes available on Ninja Polish right now!

Stamping plate is a little pricey but you can find it on Amazon

This was stuck in my drafts, better late than never! <3


  1. Adore these! Beautiful job and just the perfect colors.

  2. Love your blog!
    Looking forward to your great giveaway too!