Sunday, October 2, 2011

a england Avalon

I am finally getting this blog up! I was sent a england Avalon to review from llarowe and after a weekend with no power and the following workweek from hades, I'm finally getting caught up on my blogs! So here it is, a england Avalon.

So I will say first off, I don't think this is a duochrome, yet it CLEARLY changes from Blue to Purple based on the warmth of the lighting you are in! I was not expecting that. You can see the changes not only in my pictures below, but in my video at the end of this blog. I was comparing Avalong to HRH by Butter London, which looked VERY similar to me....until I tried comparing them on was almost like Avalon decided to throw a monkey wrench into my comparison and turn blue right in front of me! Is this polish blue? Is it purple? It is both! I'll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves.

As for the technical aspect, it went on pretty well and easily. I almost could have gotten by with one coat but had a few drag spots that were too thin. It has a very nice finish (no top coat below) and I really enjoy watching to see what color it will be when I look at it, lol.

I personally look at this on my nails and I instantly want to stamp something on top because it looks like the perfect palette for it! So smooth and perfect!


You can purchase a england polishes at llarowe, she has incredible service and her shipping is very reasonable and fast!

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