Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo collection

Ok, so I saw someone post about Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell....scrounged through ebay and found the entire collection. I think I paid around $22, give or take, for the entire collection, including PRIORITY shipping. This seller was AWESOME and shipped super fast. She was only missing one color at the time, so I messaged her. She responded FAST that she would have it in that next day (maybe I was just lucky with my timing!) so I bought the last color on is Wednesday and it arrived! So I highly recommend her, you can go directly to hte ebay posting HERE...and if someday this link no longer works, her ebay ID is 27kitten

I have the entire 9 color collection and swatched them. Below are the videos and pictures that I took for you all. Don't miss the videos at the bottom!!!! Enjoy!!

 L-R: Candy, Poppy, Fuchsia, Scarlett, Clover, Teal, Purple, Bluebell & Black

Candy, Poppy & Fuchia (all 2 coats)
Fuchsia on the far left, Scarlett, Clover & Teal (all 2 coats)
 Teal on the far left, Purple, Bluebell & Black (all 2 coats)


  1. Love your reviews! you are so sweet ;)

    i have them all, i love them but not so much the smell and they take awhile to dry...

  2. I ordered some KC not long ago and can't wait to try them out!