Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Day Challenge!!

So I am doing the 30 day challenge!! If you don't know what that is, see below. I think I am going to keep it all in one blog, so I will continue to update this blog every day. Be sure to come back and check it out!

Day 1 - Red Nails
 So right now one of my favorite red polishes is Dear Santa, I love the sparkle in it along with the great shade of red. So here you go, my day 1 mani!

Day 2:
Orange you glad I didn't say Banana? lol So today I bought several Revlon Fizzes....i'm having too much fun with them. This is a Sinful colors Orange with Orange Fizz over top. Sorry, me so sloppy....

Day 3: How about some sunshine people!? Here we have China Glaze Celtic Sun (Neon) topped off with Revlon Pineapple Fizz YUM!!! Smells great, less filling! lol

Day 4: yes, there is a theme.....I'm enjoying these scented mini flakies!! Today's started off as a normal mani, but I didn't like the end results, slapped a coat of Revlon Apple-tini Fizz and POOF, fabulous!! Base coat is Nubar Reclaim, which looked great, until I put a coat of Nubar 2010 over it...together, I just didn't like the look. Then on went Apple-tini and not only did I love the effect, but the apple scent helped keep me sane at work when the guy across the isle ate chinese for lunch then left it sit on his desk all afternoon! I kept my nails close to my nose all afternoon!

Day 5 is Blue :) This mani is kinda sloppy, but two nails are DS Glamour, and two nails are my franken..getting closer ;)

 Day 6 - Violet...I guess we skip Indigo....what is Indigo anyway? LOL So I had to show off my new bottle of Funky Fingers Kenyan Sunset..LOVE This polish!!!!!!!!

Day 7 is Black and White. So on the base Black coat is my franken black holo, on top is OPI Alpine Snow stamped with one of my Bundle Monster plates. Reminds me of a spider web ;)

Day 8 Metallic nails :) I think this was Funky Fingers Down to Earth ;) After stamping this I realized it reminds me of the Legend of Zelda *queue ancient video game music*

Day 9 is Rainbows :) Base coat is Nfu-Oh 61, dots are made up of various Wet N Wild Fast Dry colors....reminds me of the Dots candy I used to eat as a kid....

Day 10: Gradient...for this I kept with the rainbow theme from yesterday but did each color in a gradient on each nail. I used 5 of the Revlon Fizzes (or toxic skittles as my husband refers to them) Watermelon on the thumb, Orange, Apple-tini, Mint & Grape :)

Day 11...Unforunately I was working ahead on these manis and it didn't dawn on me until this morning what today is. Otherwise these would have been patriotic polka dots. I love this mani all the same, and will probably do something patriotic for tomorrow, which I will be doing today, so it still fits ;) The base coat on this mani is OPI Standing Room Only, just 1 coat to keep it sheer. The dots are from a mini Ulta collection called Turn Ne-On.

Day 12...Stripes in honor of 9/11...(yes I am covering up my index finger on purpose because I opened windows after my mani, but before my picture and messed it up!)

Day 13...Animal Print...Wet n Wild Fuschiarama, with Icing Born this Way, stamped with Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, and the stripes topped off with Fantasy Maker Black Magic ;) Kinda sloppy but it works, lol...ok REALLY sloppy....I just wasn't into it I guess...and I was impatient, too impatient to let the pink dry before stamping....bad bad bad.

Day 14....Flowers, The yellow is the pastel Sinful Colors, i don't have the name handy but if you really want to know, just message me. i used various colors to make the flowers :) Does this redeem me from the messy animal print? :)

Day 15...delicate...I used OPI What's Dune as the base, and tipped in my new Coffin blue, stamped with Coffin Blue and accented with silver glitter :)

Day 16, Tribal Pattern, Base is Black, on top is my top coat I made with the color changing powders, this one changes from green to gold ;) Then a tribal stamp on top. I had to do two shots to show you the colors, first in flash showing the gold, second no flash showing the green :)
Day 17: Glitter!! I love glitter, I had a hard time choosing but I chose a new one I just bought this weekend. The base is WnW Stream of Wonder from the Mermaid's Cove collection (Thanks Jacki!) but you can't even see the base for all the glitter! This is Icing's Epic Winning and WOW! I love it! One pic no flash, one with flash ;)...Duh...WINNING!
Day 18: Half Moons, Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor is my moon, the rest is Icing Force of Love...rather messy and I wasn't really into it....I was too anxious to move on to Galaxy...

Day 19: GALAXY NAILS!! I used too many polishes to even name!! If you look close on the ring finger you might catch a glimpes of captain kirk!

Day 20: Water'm cheating. First I'm posting one I already had done, why you ask? Because I love my galaxy and want to wear it ONE MORE DAY at least....second....I did dry marbling......I have tried water marbling and it dries too fast in the water. I need more here is y dry water marbling lol. An yes, it is so awesome it deserves 3 pictures!

Day 21...'Inspired by a color'....seriously? Ok...let me ponder this one......


  1. looooooooooooooooooooove!!!!

  2. LOve it!!! the orange is going on my wishlist and sparkly scented polish!!!!!!

  3. gorgeous, i love the red and the orange is pretty, i've not tried any scented nail polishes

  4. Love love love Dear Santa!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That blue is so pretty! Nice picks so far.

  6. Oooohh.. The violet is sooo purty!!