Sunday, September 11, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin polishes!!!


Ok so in my never ending hunt for WnW On The Prowl collection (grumble grumble) I came across this WONDERFUL collection of colors and glitters at Meijers! I had SO much fun swapping them and now I want to go back after the colors I didn't buy....there were TONS! I didn't get any of the mini round glitters, but they had them in all colors! Along with glitters, and glow in the darks in all colors and black lights in many colors! SO MANY FREAKING PUMPKINS!!!!!! Whew, ok I'm alright for the pics.

I snagged a small bottle of Fantasy Makers holo glitter and the REAL black Magic Fantasy Maker polish (the other Black Magic I bought was a cream, not the glitter) On the far right, there had coffin shaped polishes, I just bought the green, I really didn't need the red, black or whatever other colors there were...but I had to have ONE coffin shaped polish! Now for the goodies in the middle! These don't have names. I'll describe them in more detail below, with the exception of the peachy orange guy on the right. He is one of the many shades of glow in the dark glitter that were there. Also, I did not buy all of the different kinds, this is ONLY a SMALL sampling of the available colors....sigh I want more.

All of the swatches below are done over: Wet n Wild Black, Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, WnW Slivivor (silver) and Sinful Colors Under 18 (red). Each pumpkin glitter is only ONE single coat, so you could layer more. First with no flash, second with flash.

First up, the Rainbow Glitter. Reminds me of a very thin version of Mad as a Hatter, that is just a broad color based comparison...don't buy this thinking you will have a MAAH dupe, it is very thin and scattered as you will see below. Great as a top coat to add glitter .

Next up consider this one like a clear bar-glitter version of Pumpkin Spice (they actually had what looked like a dupe of Pumpkin Spice there too) This one has a clear base with Black and Orange bar glitter...I really like this one. They had a few left, so I can go back for more.
Ok this one is my favorite and there were only 2 bottles, one for me and I honestly haven't decided if I'm selling or keeping the 2nd....i love this. It is a light purple jelly base with blue and other color flakies, mostly blue. Love this!!!!

This one I have a love hate relationship with. I LOVE LOVE the idea of it, but the application can be tricky. This is another clear base with small round glitters, but scattered in there are silver crescent moons!!!! The downside??? Getting those crescent moons to stick to your brush then to your finger! It takes some persistence and time, but I think it is well worth it. There were only three bottles of this. I bought all three because I really figured this one would be hot, so I have 2 to sell.

Ok, there were more of these at the store, I only bought 1 extra to sell because they had a handful left...i don't think there is a big risk of them being sold out before I can get back there if anyone wants more. This is a silver/holo bar glitter in clear base. Don't know how to describe it better than that. I like it and it reminds me of the 2008 Fantasy Maker.

Ok, it looks like I DID take a close up of this guy afterall!! They had several different colors of these glow in the dark glitters. I'll test the glowing ability later ;) But I already had a yellow and since this one looked orange, well pumpkins are orange :)
Round Gitters!! WOOT!
 Pink, Blue and Black!!!!!! (over Half Black, Half White nail...)

 Silver, Orange/Bronze, Black jelly with Orange/Bronze glitter (AWESOME) and Covered in Diamons Flakie (all over half black, half white nails...)

Holographic Silver Bar Glitter over Black polish, AWESOME!!!!!!


Videos if glitters with and without flash!!!


  1. Hi Rhonni!! i loved the one with orange and black stripes!!

  2. OMG that blue flakie one is beautiful!!! I hope they put out thos collection at my drugstores

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  4. ffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I NEED THEM ALL ;_;

  5. Omg how cute! I love the moon glitter and the red glitter!

  6. So pretty. Thanks for all of the swatches!

    I need the glitter one with the moons! Where were you able to find claw polish this year?