Monday, August 29, 2011

New Julep box! Boris & Nicole!

OMG, I love this color! I will just say that! I was not impressed with the picture they sent me in the email, but I stuck with it and SO glad! This is GORGEOUS! I didn't do a full mani because I loved this color so much it inspired this mani....and as you can see, it stamps well too!!!

Oh, and I also got a nice roll on cuticle oil and hand cream. The cuticle oil has a little ball applicator like the roll on lip glosses we all used in Junior high (and chewed the balls out of and popped them back in ALL the time!...I don't recommend putting it in your mouth!)


  1. Omggggg I love that color and I cannot wait to get mine!!!!!!

  2. I love this manicure! Very well done!

  3. gorgeous!! I love that it stamps!