Sunday, August 7, 2011

OPI Designer - Amethyst, Royal, Original & Sapphire comparison

Here is a quick few pictures and notes to compare OPI Designer series colors:

Amethyst, Royal, Original and Sapphire.
All gorgeous in their own rights.
 Three on the top are Amethyst, Royal and Original
Sapphire is the middle blue on the bottom right below Royal
 Amethyst is a very soft pink holographic, not a purple as you would expect by it's name. In the gemstone world, this would be a weak amethyst...however a gorgeous color for perhaps a tourmaline or a pink sapphire :) yes, there are pink sapphires, but don't get me distracted on gemstones...another obsession of mine! Amethyst is a gorgeous pink holo :)

Royal is not a holographic, but a glitter. It is more of a lavender/pink color with tiny blue flecks. I am assuming that is where it get the Royal name perhaps?

Original is a nice lavender holographic. I have heard Amethyst compared to it before, and while they could be considered similar, their shades of color are different, IMO.

Sapphire is an entirely different shade, it is in the blue family (this is why you see my blue wheel, lol) It is almost a silver-blue. In the image below I had the wrong nail centered, Sapphire is actually the holo on the RIGHT, in the center is Nfu-Oh 65 with China Glaze Kaleidascope Him Out to the left for comparison.
The lighting is a little off on this picture, there is too much red...let me reshoot....the last shot is the most accurate I think but does not represent the blue flecks in Royal very well, but I will leave them all to show you variance in white balance.


  1. Thanks Sweetie!! I love the comparison!! And Im in love with all DSs !! Cant wait to get my hands on amethyst!!

  2. LOVE HOLOS!!!! I can't wait to get them all!! Go check out my blog and see the award i gave you :)