Friday, August 12, 2011

Franken-stories: Episode 1....Must be Mad as a Hatter for trying....

So...I have a couple bottles of Mad as a Hatter so I really don't need to dup it....however my good friend Traci is so ga-ga over this polish, she wants a backup bottle. So while I am on the hunt for a backup bottle for her, I decide to try to dup it!!!

So here are some pics of my first glitter franken dup-ing attempt! I have to say, if the Mad Hatter were secure in his masculinity, he'd wear my's PINK!!!

Don't worry, Traci, now that I have created this one, I know what to do differently (I think) to make it not-pink....I might have a decent dup for you shortly!

I have named this 'Hatter's Got Style'


  1. I adore this pink version. Nice job even if it was not your intention. :)