Friday, August 19, 2011

Crazy as a Capper for Sale! (MAAH Dupe)

Ok, I spent the evening working up some bottles of my Mad as a Hatter dupe. I'm exhausted and it looks like tinkerbell exploded in my dining room....

See pics below, if you are interested, email me RhonniAnaya @ or facebook. They are $10/bottle + $2 shipping. I hope that doesn't seem too high, but I used the good glitter (ie not cheap) and these are a pain to make!!!! I only have the 0.5 ounce bottles you see below made. If there is enough interest, I will go buy more supplies. I will ship internationally, you just have to pay the extra shipping (email me for rates).


  1. Still have one left, the rest are sold or on hold for ppl's paydays :) But I can always make more, i just need to buy more supplies :)