Thursday, August 4, 2011

OPI DS Holos vs China Glaze OMG Holos

Not a lot to say tonight, had an epic day dusty hunting and these are just some of the spoils!!! I'm exhausted!! 

I did one hand in OPI DS and the other in China Glaze OMGs. What is noteworthy to point out is that it took 2 coats of OPI DS to look nice, most of the China Glaze went on in one, smooth, dark coat. Unfortunately the sun has set and I can't see these babies in the sun...I'm kinda worried about my drive to and from work tomorrow!!!!

Left hand, all OPI DS (Thumb - Pinky) Original, Amethyst, Sapphire, Glamour and Jewel (not a holo)
 Right Hand, All China Glaze OMG series (Thumb to pinky) DV8, 2NITE, OMG, QT, BFF

 left - OPI DS Original, right- China Glaze DV8

More comparisons to come once I have some more swatch rings!!

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