Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Stash....

So I finally cataloged my stash and bought some melmers. I started off with just one melmer...and well, immediately went back and bought a second and already need a 3rd. I will post pics of the single melmer drawers before I show you the end result with two ;)

First here are my 3 drawers when I had just one melmer...as you can see, I was maxed out. You can see why I had to go by a second immediately.

Now for my drawers after giving my beauties some elbow room. This was about a month ago and I have already filled these up and will be getting a 3rd melmer shortly. I will post an updated post as soon as I do.

First set of drawers on top contain all of my special polishes on the left, mostly OPI Designers and China Glaze OMGs and Kaleidascopes, NFU-Ohs and Nubars are in there too. There are a couple of non-silver caps in there like Sanderella, Standing Room Only  and a few others. On the right is my small little collection of 'regular' China Glazes...as you can see, the bulk of my China Glaze are silver caps, lol

Second set of drawers contain all of my OPI on the left, regular colors on left, shatters in the back/right and glitters on the right of that drawer. In the right drawer are my Finger Paints, Wet 'n Wilds and Funky Fingers ;)

Last set of Melmer drawers has a hodge-podge of brands on the left including Revlon, Sally Hansen, Milani, etc. Right contains Sinful Colors and Orly.

Here is the rest of my...well crap, lol
My stamping plates, mini bottles, franken and design supplies
Top/base coats, treatments, acetone & Rubberband ball for those stubborn bottles and last my drawer of for sale polishes.

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  1. You have such a nice collection! ♥