Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dashica Stamping Plates

I just wanted to share this wonderful opportunity I have to get some unique stamping plates! One of my polish-gals in the Netherlands ( <3 u Claudia!) is ordering me some plates and shipping them to me! A few other of my polish-gals are getting some shipped to me as well. If anyone is interested, she is waiting 1 day from now to place the order so more gals can get in on the order. If you are interested, please email me ( or Facebook message me ASAP with the plate numbers you want. I don't have the exact US cost yet because I don't know what shipping is, but the plates will be $6.75 before shipping from her to me, or me to you. They are much larger than Konad or Bundle Monster plates, so you get more for your money.  The link below takes you to their site, they have the plates broken up into three sections of 20 plates each. Have fun looking, but we warned, if you like stamping you will WANT some of these!!

Comparison to Konad:

Plates I am getting!!!!


  1. Ohhh and I have that last plate too, forgot it had Keroppi! <3

  2. Those plates do look unique! I just ordered some from My Nail Graffiti!