Monday, July 18, 2011

Gold....or Fools gold?

So this is my first blog, woo hoo!! Inspired by an OPI polish that I found at a salon today. My friend Traci was kind enough to photograph and swatch a plethora of gold OPI polishes in an effort to help me identify my new polish!!! You can see her block here.

UPDATE: Just found Gold Lang Syne at a salon and compared them, it is not that one. However I found my exact mystery polish at another salon! It was almost empty but an exact match..and guess what? No label on that on either. How strange do you find THAT?

The first pic is a swatch ring. 1st is 1 coat, 2nd is 2 and last is 3 coats...thoughts?

 Here is the bottle. There are no secondary shades in it, just this one color. Well, now that I look closer, there may be a hint of a bronze fleck or two...


  1. Yeah this looks like a pure gold glitter to me! Definitely NOT any of the ones I swatched. Hmmm the mystery continues.... <3

  2. Wow, what a conundrum! If it was sheerer/a top coat I'd say OPI Gold Lang Syne, Thrills in Beverley Hills or Glim-Merry Gold... maybe a labeling or manufacturing error as it has the same opacity as Bring on the Bling?

    Good luck finding the answer!

  3. Wow, whatever color it winds up being, it's really pretty! good luck finding out! :)

  4. WOOT, Awesome Rhonni! you little blogger you!

  5. Maybe it is OPI Gift of Gold?

  6. Hey Rhonni, welcome to blogging! I am following you. :) This color is amazing, and I'm definitely interested in getting my hands on it if you figure it out.

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